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Zero waste living

STOP! Don’t throw away your worn-out socks and underwear. Do this instead

We all have those socks or that pair of underwear that’s just past its expiry date. Eventually you give up and throw it in the garbage, right? Well, thanks to Andrea Harney, founder of Basic Revolution, there’s a better way. You can send in those old, unwearable items for recycling right as you receive your...Read More

Want to support a small sustainable business? This ultra-quick step will make the world of a difference

Post inspired by @notthetypicalnerd and @bloomersandfrocks With the pandemic, a lot of people’s attention has been brought to the fact that small businesses really need our help. They’re the heartbeat of our communities and will contribute to the cultural vibrancy of our neighbourhoods much more than giants like Amazon ever will. But did you know...Read More

Turning discarded jewelry into fashion treasures: Interview with Luz Barbosa, founder of upcycled jewelry brand Stella Lucchi

You know the broken, tarnished pieces of jewelry that you’ve had lying around for ages? Or the costume jewelry you bought for that one occasion and don’t really wear anymore? Luz Barbosa would put them to good use. What started out as a hobby became Stella Lucchi, an upcycled jewelry brand based in New York...Read More